Arturia Minilab 3 vs Akai MPK Mini MK3 – Which is best MIDI Keyboard Controller in 2024?


Compact & Affordable MIDI keyboard controllers like the Arturia MiniLab 3 and Akai MPK Mini MK3 are popular MIDI Keyboard controllers that allow music producers, DJs, and keyboard players to record notes, and chords, drum patterns, and control parameters in digital audio workstations (DAWs) while in the studio or traveling for gigs. They are widely … Read more

10 Best Bands From Florida


Florida is a Southern state with a vibrant musical heritage spanning genres from country to punk rock and everything in between. This sunny peninsula has birthed some of the most legendary and impactful bands across the rock spectrum. From 1970s Southern rock icons Lynyrd Skynyrd to metalcore torchbearers Underoath and chart-topping hard rockers Shinedown, Florida’s … Read more

8 Best Bands From Delaware


When most people think about music scenes around the United States, cities like Los Angeles, Nashville, and New York City come to mind first. But the small state of Delaware has also produced numerous talented bands over the years across genres like rock, pop, jam, emo, and more. Though many of these Delaware groups have … Read more

10 Best Bands From California


As America’s most populous state, California unsurprisingly spawned countless iconic musical artists over the past 50 years alone. Here we have listed down some of the best rock bands of all time that hailed from California. Band Genre Year Formed Key Innovations Most Iconic Album The Eagles Country Rock 1971 Harmonies, Rock/Country Fusion, Storytelling Lyricism … Read more

10 Best Bands From Colorado


Colorado has emerged as an unlikely hotbed for music, producing various successful bands in genres spanning indie folk, electronic dance music, hip-hop, and more. Beyond the adventurous mountain spirit and an attraction of artists to cities like Denver and Boulder, Colorado acts have forged distinctive sounds incorporating the state’s bluegrass, blues, and jam band influences. … Read more

10 Best Bands From Arkansas


Despite its relatively small size, Arkansas enjoys a fertile music history spanning genres from country and blues to rock and soul. Natural beauty inspires while periods of rural isolation fostered rich cultural traditions passed lovingly through generations. Here are the 10 best bands from Arkansas, lasting national musical legacy through their innovations and influences carrying … Read more

10 Best Bands From Arizona


Arizona enjoys a rich musical heritage that often gets overlooked nationally beyond legacy acts like Alice Cooper. However, the Sonoran Desert has incubated diverse sounds from genres spanning emo to metal to punk and beyond. Here we have listed down the best bands from Arizona. The bands mentioned below have their own unique story that … Read more

9 Best Bands From Alaska


Alaska’s vast wilderness, long winters, and remoteness from the Lower 48 all contribute to a unique culture that permeates artistic output from America’s northernmost state. Music proves no exception. The austere landscape and isolation foster rich creativity amongst Alaska bands spanning genres like indie rock, metal, blues, and folk. They channel geographic and seasonal challenges … Read more

9 Best Bands From Alabama


Alabama has emerged as an unlikely hotbed for great American bands over the last two decades. The state has nurtured a diverse crop of talented groups spanning rock, country, soul, and more. Unique combinations of Southern musical traditions with contemporary influences have birthed new sounds. Gritty guitar-fueled bands, funky soul stirrers, and alternative country troubadours … Read more

9 Best Bands From Connecticut

Connecticut may be small, but it has birthed some music industry giants. The state has cultivated diverse homegrown talent from mellow 70s chart-toppers to 00s emo rockers. While jazz legends, soul powerhouses, hip-hop poets, and harmony-rich rock groups may seem worlds apart, creativity binds these artists. Their musical legacies also intertwine with cultural moments in … Read more