10 Bands that Start with E

The world of music is filled with talented artists across every genre conceivable. In the wide sea of bands and musicians, occasionally certain letters seem to produce an unusually high number of successful acts. Take the letter “E” for example – an eclectic mix of mega-selling rock, pop, metal, and rap artists happen to start with that fifth letter of the alphabet.

This article will explore the origins and histories behind 10 iconic “E bands” from the 1960s to today. Each group or solo artist unlocked massive commercial success, generating countless hit songs and millions of albums sold. We will learn about how these diverse musical acts first formed, the meaning behind their names, their breakthrough hits, and the key ingredients powering their iconic sounds and styles that catapulted them to stardom.

From the Eagles’ mellow country-tinged soft rock to Eminem’s lightning-fast aggressive rapping, these acts’ musical diversity sharing the same initial proves intriguingly eclectic.

Here is a table for the 10 bands that start with e:

NameCountry of OriginYears ActiveGenre
EaglesUnited States1971–presentRock, country rock
Earth, Wind & FireUnited States1969–presentR&B, soul, funk, jazz fusion
Electric Light OrchestraUnited Kingdom1970–1986, 2000–presentProgressive rock, pop rock, symphonic rock
Elton JohnUnited Kingdom1964–presentPop, rock
EurythmicsUnited Kingdom1980–1990, 1999–2005, 2020–presentPop, synth-pop, new wave
Elvis CostelloUnited Kingdom1976–presentNew wave, punk rock
EvanescenceUnited States1995–presentAlternative metal, gothic metal, hard rock
ErasureUnited Kingdom1985–presentSynth-pop, dance-pop
ExodusUnited States1979–presentThrash metal, heavy metal
EminemUnited States1992–presentHip hop, rap

10 Bands That Start With E

1. Eagles

Bands That Start With E

You can’t get much bigger than the Eagles in terms of massive commercial success and popularity with music fans.

How did Glenn Frey and Don Henley originally join forces as creative partners, you ask?

Well, Linda Ronstadt’s manager at the time, John Boylan, had the extremely bright idea to put together an ace studio backing band for Linda’s upcoming tour using ultra-talented session musicians he knew.

From that initial collaboration was born the genesis of the Eagles as their own fully self-contained entity when Frey and Henley decided to recruit pals Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner into the fold as permanent bandmates. The rest, as they very wisely say, is history.

How did the Eagles get started?

As mentioned in detail already, that fateful Linda Ronstadt band connection proved the fortuitous genesis point for this massively successful group. It’s intriguing and quite fascinating to imagine an alternate universe where the Eagles never formed simply because those specific session players never all came together at that particular point in the 1970s music scene.

Eerie thought, isn’t it? But hey, thank goodness everything worked out just the way it ended up because the Eagles’ gorgeous vocal harmonies combined with a sort of country-tinged California rock vibe have truly become timeless.

2. Earth, Wind & Fire

Bands That Start With E

Now here’s a soulful band that genuinely knew how to craft supremely catchy tunes and funky grooves.

Effortlessly mixing musical elements of jazz, R&B, pop, soul, funk, and rock into an essentially indefinable yet instantly recognizable quintessential sound, Earth Wind & Fire stand among the all-time great bands when it comes to successfully and seamlessly fusing various disparate musical styles into something truly magical.

Many artists have tried, but few have succeeded anywhere nearly as spectacularly over decades as Maurice White and his cohorts in EWF. Their danceable, uplifting classic jams like “September” and “Let’s Groove” basically never fail to ignite a feel-fantastic mood.

What instruments feature prominently in Earth, Wind & Fire’s music?

It’s just got to be that punchy, bold horn section — talk about an absolute signature studio sound! But we also can’t forget about the slick, smooth guitar licks, fantastically syncopated funky bass lines, sensational precision drum and percussion parts, atmospherically lush keyboards, and those oh-so-sweet vocal harmonies.

Every single instrument earns its place dynamically in the mix to create an overall package simply bursting and crackling with pure positive energy and maximum fun times. EWF sure had the full magical musical recipe down pat.

3. Electric Light Orchestra

Bands That Start With E

When the late, great Jeff Lynne initially had the creative brainwave to seamlessly incorporate epic, cinematic orchestral strings straight into conventional rock songs, who would have even thought it could work out so staggeringly well?

Leave it to Lynne’s masterful arrangements and production genius to merge these seemingly disparate musical styles so incredibly effortlessly.

One can only imagine how wonderfully novel and original it must have felt way back in 1970 to experience “10538 Overture” for the very first time with those lavish strings so elegantly augmenting the crunching guitars and thumping bass. Right from ELO’s ambitious outset, Lynne undeniably conveyed his expansive, forward-thinking musical vision.

Why did Jeff Lynne want to incorporate strings into rock music?

In various interviews over many years, Lynne consistently relayed his artistic desire to ratchet up rock music’s raw emotional intensity by seamlessly integrating violins, cellos, woodwinds, and other classical elements into the mix.

He felt the strong melodic possibilities for sonic innovation were wide open, and ELO’s mightily impressive discography readily supports that theory. Lynne succeeded spectacularly in using strings to lend an extra sense of grandeur, scope, texture, and scale to rock while still retaining an edgy, contemporary sound.

4. Elton John

Bands That Start With E

When the utterly brilliant songwriting partnership of ultra-talented pianist Elton John and lyrical ace Bernie Taupin truly first exploded onto the scene in the early 1970s, Elton instantly stood out from other artists with his flashy glasses, flamboyant performance style, and serious skills hammering the black-and-white piano keys.

But beyond just mere showmanship lay authentic immense talent for effortlessly crafting enduring pop songs that genuinely touched the heart and spoke right to universal human emotions and shared experiences.

Elton and Bernie would quickly become one of the most successful creative duos in all of music history, continuing to collaborate passionately together for over 50 years and counting now.

How has Elton John left his mark on popular music?

With decades of total chart dominance across countries and over 50 Top 40 mainstream hits, Elton John’s jaw-dropping accomplishments genuinely boggle the mind when seriously pondered.

From tender, intimate ballads to rollicking, high-energy pop-rockers, his music undeniably appeals powerfully across every imaginable generation thanks 100% to those ingeniously catchy melodies and clever, relatable, poetic lyrics.

Those special ingredients, combined organically with Elton’s ultra-rare knack for ongoing reinvention and musical innovation, help explain so clearly his almost unparalleled longevity. His still ongoing “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour is easily breaking records globally even in 2023.

5. Eurythmics

Bands That Start With E

The intensely dynamic songwriting duo of Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart originally brought some fresh outside-the-box ideas into the pop scene upon Eurythmics’ arrival and initial early 1980s success. Their willfully innovative visual aesthetic seamlessly coupled with electronic/synth sonic experiments like “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” screamed both cutting edge and ambition.

Yet despite the overtly modern vibe and edgy look, Eurythmics also brilliantly knew just how to craft a catchy, melodic pop song with huge hooks that strongly resonated with listeners worldwide. Annie and Dave creatively pushed musical boundaries without ever sacrificing their essential commercial appeal and mainstream popularity.

What was the story behind Eurythmics’ band name?

The bold name Eurythmics is directly derived from Annie Lennox’s lifelong deep interest in an expressive dance form commonly known as eurythmy. She shrewdly thought it a very artistic, evocative term, and experimentally coupling it with “rhythm” organically yielded a suitably avant-garde name for their dynamic new wave band.

It neatly encapsulated their daring creative vision of theatrically combining music, fashion, imagery, and performance into a complete multimedia pop package. Certainly very ahead of its time!

6. Elvis Costello

Bands That Start With E

Hailing from the cutting-edge British punk and new wave explosion, Declan Patrick MacManus was simply born to create edgy music. He cleverly adopted the intentionally cheeky stage name, Elvis Costello, ironically linking rock royalty Elvis Presley with his substantial musical heritage via his father Day Costello’s jazz trumpet fame.

This ingeniously witty combination perfectly represented Costello’s pioneering musical output – traditional structures boldly blended with searing contemporary social commentary. Songs like “Alison” and “Pump It Up” overflowed with both raw energy and refined melodic songcraft in equal measure.

How did Elvis Costello get his stage name?

As mentioned briefly already, the Elvis portion connected Declan both visually and spiritually with The King himself as a prime symbol of rock ‘n’ roll innovation and rebellion.

But his adopted musical last name Costello also proudly paid direct tribute to his jazz trumpeter father Ross MacManus who had performed swing music under the stage name Day Costello with big bands playing dances.

By confidently taking Elvis Presley’s renowned first name and fusing it with his own family’s performance surname, Declan forged that now-iconic stage name Elvis Costello representing the collision between old and new musical worlds.

7. Evanescence

Bands That Start With E

Gothic-tinged hard rock with a seductively dark edge, Evanescence erupted from Little Rock, Arkansas to completely dominate rock radio airwaves in 2003 with their massively popular major label debut opus Fallen.

Powerhouse lead singer Amy Lee had originally formed the initial core group way back in 1995, but it took several years of completely self-releasing EPs and independent CDs on their own before eventually catching the attention of Wind-Up Records.

Thank goodness for the band’s unwavering determination and patience, because dramatic signature anthems like “Bring Me To Life” and “My Immortal” still deliver major chills nearly 20 full years later since release!

What key events led up to Evanescence’s breakthrough success?

Those early grinding days sweating it out on the local Arkansas live circuit while also recording initial demo CDs allowed Evanescence to firmly hone their broodingly dark sound and goth-tinged songwriting craft.

But finally catching their ultra-elusive “big break” came down 100% to that utterly game-changing major label record deal inked with Wind-Up Records in 2002 setting the stage perfectly.

That critical moment then catapulted Fallen to soon become a positively mammoth international hit album the very next year. The rest became rock history with over 17 million albums sold to date and counting.

8. Erasure

Bands That Start With E

Legendary British synthpop duo Erasure still completely rule the pulsating dancefloor with their euphorically upbeat, crazy catchy tunes seemingly permanently stuck sonically in the fan-favorite 1980s. The eternally flamboyant Andy Bell holds down passionately emotional lead vocals while Vince Clarke provides the creative spark via incessantly pulsing synthesizer grooves.

Together they’ve reliably pumped out floor-filling Top 10 hits for over three straight decades and counting by stubbornly sticking to their proven winning formula: soaring Bell vocals + Clarke synth mastery = pop magic every single time!

How would you describe Erasure’s musical style?

In a nutshell: bubbly, jubilant electronic dance pop with an infectiously retro-futuristic 1980s vibe! There’s just something so darn upbeat and crazily addictive about their super-hooky melodies and dancefloor-ready grooves that unfailingly stimulate the sheer pleasure centers located deep in the brain.

Furthermore, Andy Bell passionately sells those lyrically uplifting emotional pop anthems concerning love, heartbreak, and hope with genuine flair, conviction, and powerhouse pipes. Erasure still melds cutting-edge technology with raw humanity into thoroughly modern yet 80s-tinged pop perfection.

9. Exodus

Bands That Start With E

Bay Area thrash metal marauders Exodus wasn’t first out the gate historically when it came to properly defining and establishing the burgeoning young 1980s thrash scene, but they rapidly became one of the most respected bands and vital genre contributors to aid its worldwide popularity explosion.

Their merciless 1985 debut full-length studio album Bonded by Blood still rightfully ranks extraordinarily high on any self-respecting diehard thrasher’s all-time favorite list even 4 decades later. Guitarist Gary Holt and crew took plenty of compositional inspiration from various punk and NWOBHM bands but ultimately injected their unique style of feral aggression paired with devastatingly raw sheer power.

While not as overtly progressive as Metallica or technically flashy as Megadeth, Exodus could thrash with deadly precision tighter than nearly any peers.

What key musicians or bands influenced Exodus?

You can hear defining elements of classic heavy metal ala prime Iron Maiden or Judas Priest organically blended with the relentlessly jackhammering sonic assault of early hardcore punk and Motörhead’s signature grunt ‘n’ groove.

But Exodus ultimately forged their own distinct identity by putting their special spin into that mix, with Holt’s fiery rapid-fire riffs backed up perfectly by the band’s mercilessly tight rhythm section.

The burgeoning young genre of thrash metal originally began solidifying its own musical identity taking shape out in California’s chaotic Bay Area scene, fusing all these seemingly incompatible ingredients into one lethal unholy cocktail that was heavier than anything before it.

10. Eminem

Bands That Start With E

Rap god Eminem hardly needs any lengthy introduction today — he’s handily conquered the entire hip-hop realm time and again over multiple decades now with his intense, controversial lyrics that pull no punches, his verbal dexterity, and his refusal to ever soften his edges even slightly.

But way back in the day, Marshall Mathers had to fight and claw persistently for even basic recognition during the early years first struggling to gain any respect at all battling mostly unknown MCs hungry to make a name for themselves on Detroit’s notoriously cutthroat underground scene. His unwavering tenacity and drive eventually paid off massively when his undeniable raw talent and skill caught the discerning ear of legendary producer Dr. Dre.

The rest then became record-shatteringly historic as Eminem rapidly brought his lightning-fast, aggressive, and witty raps straight to the mainstream hip-hop forefront. In the process, he kicked down existing doors for other white rappers to find success while simultaneously cementing his status as an absolute rap GOAT.

How did Eminem get discovered by Dr. Dre?

By crushing the local Detroit rap battle circuit, Eminem created waves with his verbal dexterity and aggressive, in-your-face flow. His early recordings got passed to various industry figures, eventually landing on Dr. Dre’s desk. Hearing Eminem’s skills, Dre knew instantly he had stumbled upon a game-changing talent. From there Dre signed Eminem to Aftermath Records in ’96, paving the way for global domination via The Slim Shady LP and beyond.

Wrap Up

Fast forward to the present, and these 10 artists highlighted still receive extensive radio airplay decades later as beloved musical institutions. Their timeless, era-defining hits and albums remain staples of classic rock, pop, and rap playlists for old and new fans alike.

Transcending generations, the iconic music crafted by bands like the Eagles, ELO, or Earth Wind and Fire will doubtlessly continue soundtracking weddings, parties, road trips, and family gatherings for years to come. Meanwhile, rappers like Eminem continuously inspire fresh-faced MCs through their technical rhyming brilliance.

Much musical history lies embedded in these 10 profiles, revealing the stories behind some of the most successful and influential artists in popular music from the past 50 years. Even today, their memorable songs and singular styles reflect the remarkable creativity and visionary artistry that will forever define them as legends.

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