10 Best Bands that Start with I

The letter ” I “represents a diverse range of hugely influential rock bands that have greatly contributed to shaping modern music. This article will explore some of the most iconic and influential Bands starting with Alphabet I, tracing their origins, evolution over time, landmark albums and songs, unique styles, and lasting impacts that still resonate with fans and inspire new musicians.

Here are the 10 Best bands that start with I. We also added the origin, the time they were established, popular albums by the band, and popular songs of the band.

BandOriginEstablishedPopular AlbumsSignature SoundImpact
Iron MaidenLondon, UK1975The Number of the Beast (1982), Powerslave (1985), Somewhere in Time (1986)Dual guitar harmonies, epic songwriting stylePioneered NWOBHM, massively influential in metal
IncubusCalifornia, USA1991Make Yourself (1999), Morning View (2001), Light Grenades (2006)The eclectic mix of funk, rock, electronicBend genres, critically acclaimed multi-album career
Imagine DragonsLas Vegas, USA2008Night Visions (2012), Smoke + Mirrors (2015), Evolve (2017)Anthemic pop-rock blended with electronicsGlobal arena fillers, Grammy winners for massive hits
InterpolNew York City, USA1997Turn On the Bright Lights (2002), Our Love to Admire (2007), El Pintor (2014)Moody, rhythmic post-punk revivalistsIconic indie talents shaped the new wave of rock
INXSAustralia1977Kick (1987), X (1990), Elegantly Wasted (1997)Funk-fueled pop-rock, soulful vocalsMassive international success, Australian indie icons
Iggy PopDetroit, USA1967The Idiot (1977), Lust for Life (1977), Blah Blah Blah (1986)Raw, intense proto-punk, theatrical anticsGodfather of punk, influence on rock’s rebellion
Indigo GirlsGeorgia, USA1981Strange Fire (1992), Shaming of the Sun (1997), Become You (2002)Folk-inspired activism-based songwritingSignificant advocates for social issues
Isley BrothersCincinnati, USA1950s3 + 3 (1973), The Heat is On (1975), Harvest for the World (1976)Innovative funk-rock-soul, tight vocal harmoniesPioneered genres, influential across rock, R&B
Iced EarthFlorida, USA1985Night of the Stormrider (1990), Burnt Offerings (1995), Horror Show (2001)Epic American power metal, history themesDefining act in Stateside power metal
IcehouseAustralia1979Icehouse (1980), Man of Colours (1981), Measure for Measure (1985)Atmospheric synth-driven new waveIconic Aussie pioneers, experimental progression

10 Best bands that start with I

Below mentioned are the best rock and alternative rock bands that start with I.

1. Iron Maiden


Originating in east London in 1975, Iron Maiden is responsible for cataloging some of the most iconic albums in heavy metal history. Led by guitarist and songwriter Steve Harris, the band initially consisted of lead vocalist Paul Di’Anno, guitarist Dave Murray, and bassist Harris, with drummer Doug Sampson joining shortly after.

They broke through with their aggressive yet melodic self-titled 1980 debut and 1982’s The Number of the Beast, featuring anthemic singles like “Run to the Hills” and the title track about the biblical Book of Revelation. This established their signature dual-guitar harmonies and lyrical themes focused on literature, war, and religious fantasies.

2. Incubus


Emerging from California in 1991, Incubus fused alternative rock, funk metal, and hip hop into their progressive sound. Led by vocalist Brandon Boyd, guitarist Mike Einziger, bassist Ben Kenney, and drummer Jose Pasillas, the band rose to fame with 2001’s Morning View containing hits “Drive” and “Wish You Were Here” which highlighted their soulful incorporation of varied styles.

Following the addition of DJ Kilmore, 1999’s Make Yourself brought them mainstream success with the rock radio staples “Pardon Me” and “Stellar.”

After creatively experimenting with electronica influences on 2006’s Light Grenades, they returned to harder rock roots on 2011’s If Not Now, When? Always pushing sonic boundaries, Incubus has proven hugely influential with a dedicated fanbase over five acclaimed studio decades.

3. Imagine Dragons


Hailing from Las Vegas, Imagine Dragons formed in 2008, gaining initial recognition via self-produced EPs and YouTube video posts. They signed to KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records in 2009. Led by vocalist Dan Reynolds, guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben McKee, and drummer Daniel Platzman, 2012’s Night Visions launched them internationally with dual number-one smash hits:

  • It’s Time
  • Radioactive
  • Demons

Powered by the ubiquitous Grammy-winning singles, the album reached number two on the Billboard 200. Subsequent albums Smoke + Mirrors in 2015 and Evolve in 2017 furthered their blend of anthemic rock, layered electronics, and atmospheric ballads. Songs like “Thunder,” “Believer,” and “Natural” “Bones” have made them one of the biggest pop-rock acts globally with sold-out arena shows.

Here is the Imagine Dragons Believer Live from Vegas which was also broadcasted on Hulu.

4. Interpol


Emerging from New York City in 1997, Interpol helped lead the post-punk revival of the new millennium. Formed by Paul Banks, Daniel Kessler, and Carlos Dengler, the band combined Kessler’s ringing indie rock rhythms with Banks’ enigmatic lyrics and atmospherics.

Their critically acclaimed eponymous debut arrived in 2002. The following year’s Turn On the Bright Lights contained future classics “Obstacle 1” and “NYC,” establishing their signature brooding yet danceable style. Bassist Sam Fogarino joined after Dengler departed for their self-titled fourth album in 2010.

While never achieving blockbuster success, Interpol has remained consistent in their vision of crafting sophisticated, moody guitar-based rock.



Emerging from Australia in the late 1970s, INXS rose to global fame on the back of frontman Michael Hutchence’s charismatic stage presence and soulful vocals. The initial lineup included Andrew Farriss, Tim Farriss, Jon Farriss, Garry Gary Beers, and Kirk Pengilly alongside Hutchence.

Their signature mix of pop, soul, funk, and rock enabled commercial success with 1984’s “Original Sin” and the following year’s “What You Need.” But it was 1987’s Kick that catapulted them to new levels of fame, thanks to smash singles:

  • Need You Tonight
  • Devil Inside

Renowned for their dynamic live performances, INXS remained icons of the Aussie rock scene until Hutchence’s tragic 1997 death. While newer material failed to recapture past glories, INXS left an indelible stamp and proved rock could appeal to global audiences worldwide.

6. Iggy Pop


Dubbed “the godfather of punk,” Iggy Pop laid much of the groundwork for reckless rock attitudes emerging from Detroit in the 1960s. As frontman of The Stooges, founded in 1967, Pop pioneered raw and gritty proto-punk with songs like “I Wanna Be Your Dog” and “No Fun.”

But it was his influential solo career, beginning with 1977’s The Idiot, where he truly came into his own. The iconic album showed Pop stretching creatively, thanks in part to collaborator David Bowie, who experimented with more melodic textures alongside his hard-hitting punk style. In songs like “Nightclubbing” and “Lust for Life,” Pop explored themes of decadence and escapism.

Subsequent solo efforts like Lust for Life in 1977 and Blah Blah Blah in 1986 continued pushing musical boundaries with diverse genres. Now in his 70s, Pop’s primal stage presence endures, having inspired icons like Joy Division, the Sex Pistols, and beyond with his unhinged energy and rebellious rock attitude.

8. Indigo Girls


Amy Ray and Emily Saliers formed the Indigo Girls folk rock duo in Decatur, Georgia in 1981. Their self-titled debut arrived in 1989, with the breakthrough coming on 1992’s Strange Fire featuring hits like “Closer to Fine” and “Galileo” which highlighted their gorgeous vocal harmonies and thoughtful lyricism addressing progressive themes.

The Indigo Girls have since released over fifteen acclaimed albums combining acoustic folk influences, harder-edged rock, and everything in between. Saliers and Ray have been outspoken advocates for LGBTQ+ rights, environmental justice, women’s empowerment, and beyond.

Across their lengthy career, the Indigo Girls have consistently addressed social and political issues through beautifully crafted songs infused with positivity, honesty, and thought-provoking messages.

8. Isley Brothers


Originating in Cincinnati in the 1950s, the Isley Brothers are true legends of R&B, soul, and rock. Led by brothers O’Kelly Isley Jr., Rudolph Isley, and Ronald Isley, their 1959 breakthrough hit “Shout” saw the group rise to fame.

But it was the funk and rock-inflected sound of the 1970s, with hits like “It’s Your Thing” and “Fight the Power” remixed by Marvin Gaye, that cemented their status as pioneering hitmakers. Jimi Hendrix cited their early work as an influence as well.

Enduring lineup changes over decades, Ronald Isley has remained the constant leader behind the group’s evolution, guiding them through cutting-edge funk fusions and classic ballads alike into the 21st century. The Brothers’ smooth yet powerful sound epitomized the boundary-pushing possibilities within black music.

9. Iced Earth


Jon Schaffer formed the American power metal band Iced Earth in Tampa, Florida in 1985. Across fifteen albums to date, Iced Earth has become a flagbearer for the genre with Schaffer’s galloping riffs and themes of history, philosophy, religion, and fantasy delivered through the iconic vocals of Matt Barlow and Stu Block.

Defining releases like 1990’s Night of the Stormrider and 1992’s Burnt Offerings helped set the bar for American power metal. 2001’s Horror Show saw them branch into melodic death territories with darker lyrical themes.

While recent years have seen lineup shifts, Iced Earth remains profoundly prolific creators continually expanding their sound yet anchored in metal’s most bombastic traditions. From the Barlow-fronted classics to Block-led modern works, Iced Earth has crafted wildly cinematic stories through dynamic songs.

10. Icehouse


Fronted by prolific singer-songwriter Iva Davies, Icehouse emerged from Sydney in the late 1970s leaning into a new wave. Their self-titled 1980 debut began exploring synthpop but it was 1981’s Icehouse that contained their breakthrough hit “Can’t Help Myself.”

Mellotron and atmospheric experimentation defined albums like Primitive Man and Measure for Measure. But it was the platinum-selling Man of Colours that showed Icehouse maturing as a writer and player.

Blending rock guitars with synths and electronic textures, they soundtracked the 80s in Australia and beyond with songs both danceable and deep. Icehouse pushed pop into alien realms, leaving Davies’ haunted melodies and exploration of technology’s human impacts. They helped forge a wildly eclectic Australian scene.

Bands Starting with Letter I: Conclusion

While the bands covered here emerged from different eras and genres, all have made irrefutable impacts that resonate deeply with music fans globally. From Iron Maiden to Iced Earth and all the iconic artists in between, these groups should be acknowledged for their indelible marks on the musical landscape.

Their creativity, groundbreaking sounds, and artistic visions serve as inspirations for modern musicians across genres to continue pushing boundaries and moving cultures forward through the universal language of music.

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