5 Best MIDI Controllers for FL Studio in 2024

Navigating the world of music production, FL Studio stands out as a digital audio workstation favored by many. The right MIDI controller can elevate your beat-making and composition within this robust software. Users often find themselves pondering which controller meshes flawlessly with FL Studio’s intricate features, providing both ease of use and advanced functionality.

This article aims to cut through the clutter by listing top contenders that enhance your music production journey with FL Studio. From Keybed quality to knob assignments, we will outline what matters most in selecting an ideal companion for your musical endeavors. Discover the best MIDI controllers tailored for FL Studio in our comprehensive guide; it’s time to make every note count.

Top 5 Best MIDI Controllers for FL Studio

Let’s dive into our section of the Top 5 and the most recommended MIDI controller for FL studio. Scroll through these recommendations to find out the perfect pick for you while also contemplating the pros and cons.

1. Novation FLkey 37 MIDI Keyboard for FL Studio

Novation FLkey 37
  • 37 Semi-Weighted Full Size Keys
  • 16 Velocity-Sensitive Pads with Note Repeat
  • 8 Customisable Knobs
  • Pitch Bend & Modulation Wheel
  • 16 x 2 Char Screen
  • Sustain Input, USB Type-B, 5-Pin MIDI Out

The Novation FLkey 37 stands out as a top-tier MIDI keyboard specially tailored for FL Studio users. Its seamless integration with the software means that you can jump straight into music production without fumbling through complex setups. With 37 Semi-Weighted Full-Size keys at your disposal, crafting melodies and harmonies becomes intuitive, allowing your creativity to flow unrestricted.

This MIDI controller shines with features like Scale mode, which ensures you never miss a note, keeping you on key and enhancing your performance. Moreover, the Drum pads are not just responsive but also versatile; they let you tap into FPC and SliceX for dynamic beats or play patterns directly into the Channel Rack—a boon for beatmakers who demand precision and speed. The Drum Pads also support Note Repeat which is another advantage for finger drummers, recording drum loops through a MIDI keyboard.

What sets the FLkey 37 apart is its ability to manipulate FL Studio’s step sequencer with ease. Imagine programming those intricate drum parts or adjusting volume and panning on-the-fly—all these tasks become second nature thanks to eight dedicated knobs. The focus here is on functionality that bolsters workflow efficiency. Transport Buttons, Built-in screen, Pitch Bend & Modulation Wheels are some of the other features that make Novation FLkey 37 an ideal MIDI keyboard controller for FL Studio.

We pick the Novation FLkey 37 as our number one choice because it embodies a perfect blend of control, responsiveness, and ergonomic design — all critical elements for an immersive studio session. It’s more than just a MIDI keyboard; it’s an extension of your musical willpower that enhances every aspect of your production in FL Studio. Whether laying down bass lines or orchestrating full arrangements, this piece of gear proves itself indispensable time after time.


  • Full Size Keys feels good
  • Seamless Integration with FLStudio
  • Comes with free 6 Months FL Studio Producer Edition
  • Drums Pads supports Note Repeat
  • Intutive Sequencer Mode


  • No Aftertouch
  • Best Suited for FL Studio Only

2. AKAI Professional Fire

AKAI Professional Fire
  • 64 Velocity-Sensitive RGB Pads
  • MPC Style 16-Pad in Drum Mode
  • 4 Banks of 360-Degree Assignable Touch Capacitive Knobs
  • OLED Display
  • USB Type-B Connectivity

The AKAI Professional Fire revolutionizes music production for FL Studio enthusiasts with a design that prioritizes workflow efficiency and creative freedom. This USB MIDI controller stands out as a game-changer, featuring an innovative 4×16 RGB pad matrix that allows producers to compose rhythms and melodies with ease. Its velocity-sensitive pads offer expressive control during live performances or while crafting beats in the studio.

Seamless integration with FL Studio sets the Fire apart, transforming how users navigate their projects. Producers gain instant access to Channel Rack, Browser, Tool Bar, and Playlist functions without reaching for the mouse – all via an intuitive OLED display and dedicated transport buttons. What truly makes this controller shine is its touch-capacitive knobs providing precise manipulation of mix elements such as volume, panning effects or other assignable parameters.

For those who want to record harmony and melody on Akai Fire, there is a dedicated Note Mode that converts these RGB pads into a MIDI Keyboard, giving data up to 3 octaves. Each Pad gets a different color and creates a pattern of any regular MIDI keyboard. To activate Note Mode, simply press the ‘Note’ button. Along with that, the user can also record drums using Drum Mode. Simply tap the ‘Drum’ button and you will see an MPC-style 16-pad layout to record drum loops right away.


By including FL Studio Fruity Fire Edition software in its package, AKAI ensures users have everything they need for comprehensive music creation. This DAW furnishes artists with powerful tools like unlimited tracks and extensive automation capabilities right out of the box. 

The Akai Professional Fire earns its place as No. 2 on our list by merging tactile hardware control with robust software features – a pairing that serves both beginners looking to spark new ideas and seasoned pros refining their signature sound.

This tool not only streamlines project workflows but also ignites inspiration through hands-on operation—catapulting musical concepts into full-fledged productions effortlessly. The revolutionary interface redefines user experience while maintaining a focus on key elements of music-making in FL Studio’s immersive environment.


  • Multi Device Mode let you connect upto 4 Akai Professional Fire device
  • Seamless FL Studio Integration
  • Suitable for finger drumming with 16 MPC Style Pad layout in Drum Mode
  • Lifetime Free updates of FL Studio Fruity Fire Edition
  • Portable, Durable and intutive design


  • Not suitable for Piano Players
  • Rigid Compatibility with FL Stuido only

3. M-Audio Keystation 49 MK3

M-Audio Keystation 49 MK3
  • 49 Full-Size Velocity-Sensitive Synth-Action Keys
  • Transport and Directional Buttons
  • Pitch and Modulation Wheels
  • USB Type-B, Sustain Pedal Port
  • MPC Beats, Ableton Live Lite, Velvet, XPand2, Mini Grand, Touch Loops Included

The M-Audio Keystation 49 MK3 lands the third spot on our list, impressive with its ease of use and wide-ranging control options. Its plug-and-play feature means you’ll be crafting melodies in your digital audio workstation straight out of the box, with no need for complex setups or additional drivers. This MIDI keyboard controller shines with its sleek design; it doesn’t just fit comfortably on any workspace but also offers assignable controls to tailor your software instruments to your creative workflow.

With the included premium software suite—featuring industry staples like MPC Beats and Ableton Live Lite—Keystation 49 MK3 becomes a treasure trove for producers. Whether you’re laying down piano tracks with Velvet, fleshing out an orchestral arrangement in XPand2, or recording the drum loops on MPC Beats, this controller provides tools suitable for beginners and seasoned artists alike.

The 49 synth-action keys respond intuitively, capturing every expression from soft dynamics to powerful crescendos, ensuring authentic performances that feel as good as they sound.

Musicians can expect total command over their virtual instruments thanks to conveniently located pitch, modulation wheels, and octave up and down buttons that extend the keyboard range without interrupting play.

Plus, there’s a volume fader alongside transport controls directly on the unit which simplifies recording procedures—a bonus when inspiration strikes mid-session! Given these features, along with a sustained pedal input for added expressiveness during performances, it’s clear why Keystation 49 MK3 holds its place firmly among top contenders—it balances versatility with simplicity masterfully.


  • Super Easy to use & Begineer Friendly layout
  • Full Size keys feels good while playing
  • Ergonomically Designed Rubberised Pitch bend & Modulation
  • Supports Sustain Pedal input


  • No Drum Pads
  • No Aftertouch in Keys

4. Alesis VI49

Alesis VI49
  • 49 Full Size Square Front Semi-Weighted Keys with Aftertouch
  • 16 RGB Velocity-Sensitive Pads
  • Pitch Bend & Modulation Wheel
  • 36 Assignable Illuminated Buttons
  • 12 Assignable Illuminated Knobs
  • USB Type-B, Sustain Pedal Input, 5-Pin MIDI

The Alesis VI49 MIDI Keyboard Controller is one of the versatile choices for music creators, providing an array of features designed to enhance production workflow. Equipped with 49 full-sized, square-front, semi-weighted keys that boast aftertouch sensitivity, musicians can play precisely and expressively. This controller doesn’t stop at keys; it offers 16 RGB drum pads, perfect for beat-making or triggering loops and samples during live performances.

Functionality extends beyond performance with hands-on control over your music software. Twelve assignable knobs and 36 buttons on the Alesis VI49 allow producers to tweak their sounds in real time without reaching for a mouse. Imagine adjusting filters or mixing levels directly from the keyboard – it’s an intuitive way to interact with your virtual instruments and plug-ins.


The inclusion of industry-standard production software like MPC Beats and Ableton Live Lite positions the VI49 as more than just hardware; it’s a comprehensive creative suite right out of the box. With Xpand!2 by AIR Music Tech included, artists have access to thousands of quality sounds without additional expenses—ideal for those seeking wide sonic palettes while creating music in FL Studio environments.

The Alesis VI49 excels not only in its playable features but also through seamless connectivity options such as USB MIDI, sustain pedal input, and traditional 5-pin MIDI Out ports —a nod to both modern and classic studio setups.

Alesis VI49 is a well-designed and thoughtful MIDI keyboard that works well with FL Studio and other DAWs. If you are looking for semi-weighted keys with Aftertouch and Drums Pads, Alesis VI49 is an easy recommendation.


  • Square Front keys looks attractive and feels good
  • Comes with Aftertouch
  • Illuminated Knobs, Buttons and Wheels
  • Suitable for multiple DAW usage
  • Supports 5-Pin MIDI


  • No Note Repeat in Drum Pads
  • LED Screen shows limited information

5. Arturia MiniLab 3 Mini Hybrid

Arturia MiniLab 3
  • 25 Pressure & Velocity Sensitive Keys
  • 8 Multi-Function Knobs & 4 Faders
  • Pitch Bend & Modulation Capacitive Touch Strips
  • In-built Display with Clickable Knob
  • Octave/Transpose, Chord, Shift, Hold Buttons
  • Built-in Arpeggiator
  • USB Type-C Class Compliant, 5-Pin MIDI Out, Control Port

Experience seamless music production with the Arturia MiniLab 3, a robust mini hybrid keyboard controller that promises durability and top-notch performance. Musicians everywhere are discovering its reliability, backed by an impressive 5-year warranty and eco-friendly design.

Imagine having access to an arsenal of sounds right out of the box; this controller delivers just that. With included software like Analog Lab V and Ableton Live Lite, along with virtual instruments such as UVI Model D and NI The Gentleman, you’ll unlock new realms of musical creativity.

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Crafting tracks becomes second nature thanks to MiniLab 3’s intuitive layout. Its compact size hides powerful features: a velocity-sensitive keyboard for expressive playability, RGB-backlit pads for dynamic beat-making, rotary encoders, and sliders for precision mixing control – all USB-powered for convenience. Whether you’re tweaking tracks in FL Studio or laying down melodies on the go, this controller adapts effortlessly to your workflow.

The built-in arpeggiator escalates your compositions while capacitive touch sensors add nuanced modulation & Pitch Bend effects—tools typically found in larger setups but ingeniously fitted here into a space-saving package perfect for tight studio spaces or travel bags. Producers favoring hands-on interaction will appreciate how it transforms their DAW experience; no more reaching for your mouse when every parameter is at your fingertips.

Plug in the Arturia MiniLab 3 via USB Type-C or 5-Pin MIDI Out and let spontaneity take over. Play rhythms on its responsive pads or slide into solos on its sleek keys—all while shaping soundscapes with just a twist or slide. This isn’t just any MIDI controller; it’s a companion that comprehends your creative flow and enhances it without missing a beat.


  • Portable & Excellent Premium Build
  • Comes with Assignable Knobs & Faders
  • Automatic Mapping Encoders & Sliders with DAW
  • Intutive Clickable Knob and Mini Display
  • Supports 5-Pin MIDI Out
  • Beginner Friendly


  • Less Arpeggiator Controls & Effects
  • Note Repeat is missing

prerequisites Before Buying MIDI Controller for FL Studio

Here are a few things that you should consider before buying a MIDI Controller for FL Studio:

1. Keybed

The keybed of a MIDI controller is crucial for musicians who want a realistic and responsive playing experience. A well-designed keybed will match the tactile feel of acoustic piano keys, which can significantly affect performance quality and comfort during long music production sessions. For FL Studio users, options like the Arturia Keylab MKII stand out with their high-quality keybeds that offer both durability and expressive playability.

Each MIDI keyboard offers a different touch response, often categorized as semi-weighted or fully-weighted action. Controllers such as Nektar Impact LX+ Series feature synth-action keys that are lighter to the touch while still providing enough resistance to simulate a real piano feel.

Novation FLkey 37, on the other hand, comes with Semi-Weighted keys that feel much better than Synth Action keys. Alesis VI49 mentioned above is another brilliant MIDI keyboard for FL Studio that comes with semi-weighted keys with Aftertouch. If you don’t need keys and want hardware to interact with FL Studio, Akai Professional Fire is just perfect for you.

This makes precision easier when creating complex beats or intricate melodies in FL Studio. It’s not just about having any MIDI controller; it’s about finding one with a keybed that complements your unique style and workflow.

2. Number of Keys

Choosing the right number of keys on your MIDI controller is a crucial decision for FL Studio users. Smaller MIDI keyboards often offer 25 keys, perfect for those with limited space or who primarily focus on bass lines and lead melodies.


Larger models, like the Alesis VI49 II or Novation FLkey 37, feature up to 61 keys, giving you a full range of octaves to play complex chords and intricate harmonies. Here are the top 61 key MIDI controllers if you are inclining towards more keys to access more octaves. Each MIDI keyboard comes with its own set of advantages depending on the number of keys it has. A compact controller like the Arturia MiniLab3 is ideal for producers on the go or working in tight spaces.

Meanwhile, controllers such as M-Audio Keystation 49 MK3 offer more keys and thus more creative freedom without being too bulky—bridging portability with extended functionality for comprehensive music production workflows within FL Studio. The preference of the number of keys depends on the user as well as the purpose of getting a MIDI keyboard. More Keys offer more octaves, suitable for playing complex chord progression while fewer keys mean fewer octaves, making it suitable for recording/producing Electronic Music, Beats, loops, basslines etc.

3. Pads, Knobs, and Faders

Pads, knobs, and faders are integral to a MIDI controller’s tactile experience, especially for FL Studio users. These features allow musicians to shape their sound and control different aspects of the music production process more intuitively. Drum pads offer a dynamic way to program beats or trigger samples, adding an extra layer of expressiveness that can be critical for beat-making.

They are velocity-sensitive, giving you the ability to input notes with varying intensities which is crucial in genres like electronic music. Note Repeat is another important feature that must be taken into consideration if you want to record drums. Novation FLkey 37 and Alesis VI49 II are 2 brilliant MIDI Keyboard mentioned above that come with Note Repeat.

Knobs provide real-time tweaking capabilities for parameters such as volume, pitch bend, modulation effects and other MIDI assignments. This hands-on approach lets producers make precise adjustments on the fly without having to click through menus with a mouse.

Meanwhile, faders give smooth control over track volumes or even filter sweeps when mixing tracks together during live performances or studio sessions.

For those who desire an extensive level of manipulation within FL Studio, units like Novation FLkey 37 and AKAI Professional Fire stand out due to their plethora of knobs and faders coupled with responsive drum pads; they also benefit from built-in scripting which seamlessly integrates with digital audio workstation controllers.

4. Portability

While pads, knobs, and faders offer extensive control over music production, musicians often need to take their creativity on the go. Portability becomes a crucial factor for producers who travel or perform live sets. Lightweight and compact MIDI controllers are in high demand as they fit into backpacks and carry-on luggage with ease.

Many FL Studio-compatible MIDI controllers have been designed with portability in mind without sacrificing functionality. MIDI keyboards like the Arturia Minilab 3 prioritize a slim profile while still providing an impressive array of controls within a small footprint. These devices empower artists to craft beats or tweak sounds whether they’re backstage, on a plane, or working in a cafe. Their USB-powered design eliminates the need for heavy power supplies, making it simpler than ever to set up anywhere.

5. Compatibility

Ensure compatibility between your MIDI controller and FL Studio by checking for seamless integration. Look for controllers that offer native support or provide plug-and-play functionality, reducing the need for extensive setup configurations.

Verify that the MIDI controller has drivers available for download to ensure it can communicate effectively with the software. It’s essential to consider any specific features or requirements of FL Studio when choosing a MIDI controller, such as Keylab MK II’s built-in scripting which enhances its versatility within the software.

The presence of AKAI Professional Fire and Novation FLKey MIDI controllers for FL Studio indicates their strong compatibility with the software, making them reliable options to consider.

6. Pricing

Choosing the right MIDI controller for FL Studio involves considering various features and functionalities, including price. The cost of a MIDI controller can vary depending on its brand, size, and additional features.

For instance, budget-friendly options like AKAI Professional MPK Mini MK3 or Arturia MiniLab 3 Mini Hybrid are designed to provide essential functions at a lower price point, making them suitable for beginners or those with limited budgets. On the other hand, premium models such as Novation FLkey 37 MIDI Keyboard or Alesis VI49 may offer advanced features and higher build quality at a relatively higher price.

Best MIDI Keyboard Controller for FL Studio: Final Words

In conclusion, when seeking the best MIDI controller for FL Studio, options like Novation FLkey 37 and AKAI Professional Fire stand out. Their user-friendly interfaces, compact designs, and seamless integration with FL Studio make them ideal choices for both beginners and experienced musicians.

For those looking to elevate their music production capabilities in FL Studio, investing in Novation FLkey 37 or AKAI Professional Fire could be a game-changing decision but other MIDI Controller like Arturia MiniLab 3, and Alesis VI49 are 2 other great MIDI controller that works with FL Studio as well as with Ableton LIVE. For playing keys, M-Audio Keystation MK3 is a highly recommended 49 Keys MIDI controller for FL Studio which comes with a basic keyboard layout without any drum pads, knobs, or faders.

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