5 Best MIDI Controllers for FL Studio in 2024


Navigating the world of music production, FL Studio stands out as a digital audio workstation favored by many. The right MIDI controller can elevate your beat-making and composition within this robust software. Users often find themselves pondering which controller meshes flawlessly with FL Studio’s intricate features, providing both ease of use and advanced functionality. This … Read more

8 Best 61 Key MIDI Controller in 2024


For many aspiring and seasoned musicians alike, finding the perfect balance between functionality and portability in a MIDI controller can often feel like striking a delicate chord. With an array of key counts at their fingertips – from 25 to 88 – producers and composers are met with the challenging question: Which keyboard size will … Read more

Smart Scale in Midi Controller

Smart Scale in Midi Controller

Music production using MIDI controllers along with Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) has seen rapid innovation in recent years. An important development is the inclusion of smart scales in many modern MIDI keyboards, drum pads, and other controllers. Smart scales automatically constrain notes played on a controller to a desired musical scale or mode. This opens … Read more

Clock Sync in MIDI Controllers

Clock Sync in MIDI Controllers

Clock sync refers to the synchronization of tempo and timing between multiple MIDI devices. This allows different devices like synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, etc. to stay in sync when playing together. The sync is achieved by sending MIDI clock messages from a master device to slave devices. The master device sets the tempo and transmits … Read more

The arpeggiator in Midi Controller


Arpeggiators are prevalent features in hardware synthesizers and MIDI keyboard controllers. The arpeggiator takes the notes of a chord and cycles through them repeatedly at a set tempo. The first hardware synthesizers with arpeggiators appeared in the 1970s from companies like Moog and Sequential Circuits. These hardware arpeggiators allowed musicians to hold chords while the … Read more

Best 25 Key MIDI Controller in 2024


Are you itching to create music but feel limited by the lack of space or budget for a full-sized keyboard? You’re not alone. Many budding producers and touring musicians face this challenge, seeking a balance between functionality and portability for their setup. This is where the 25-key MIDI controller shines – it’s compact enough to … Read more

6 Best MIDI Controller for Ableton (2024 Updated)


For music-producing enthusiasts, a MIDI controller that can control Ableton is like a boon, whether it may be an aspiring producer or an experienced one. MIDI controllers play an essential role in making your music-making journey smooth, and especially MIDI controllers integrated with Ableton are just like a cherry on the cake, as any music … Read more