Do I need a sustain pedal for my MIDI controller?


A sustain pedal is an important accessory that allows piano and keyboard players to control note duration and create more expressive performances. When connected to a MIDI controller, it sends MIDI data to tell instruments to sustain notes. But do you need a sustain pedal for your MIDI keyboard controller? Here we will explore whether … Read more

Easy maintenance tips for MIDI keyboards? – Cleaning Tips for MIDI Controller


If you own a MIDI Keyboard controller and want to maintain its original condition, here we have some of the basic to advanced level maintenance tips for a MIDI keyboard. There are small components in the MIDI keyboard controller like knobs, faders, keys, and screens that are required to clean for best performance and longevity. … Read more

Transpose Controls in MIDI Controllers – Explained


A transpose control is an important feature in many MIDI keyboard controllers and digital pianos that allows the performer to effortlessly shift the notes played on the keyboard up or down by a set interval, without having to go through the tedious process of changing their playing technique or the voicing of chords. In this … Read more

What is Bluetooth MIDI? Is it Reliable?


MIDI controllers streamline the music production procedure. Music artists, and producers can easily make beats, and melodies using the MIDI controllers not just in the studios but even when they are on the go. Everything about MIDI controllers is good but it gets better when everything goes wireless. That’s where Bluetooth MIDI Controllers came into … Read more

What is Smart Chord in MIDI keyboard controller?


Learning an instrument like piano is extremely rewarding, but can feel daunting for beginners struggling to form chords and play songs. An innovative and smart technique called “Smart Chords” makes getting started much easier by simplifying the chords. Smart Chords are special chord groupings and shapes that allow you to play full chords while barring … Read more

Aftertouch in MIDI Controllers – Explained


Aftertouch is an expressive MIDI performance technique that allows for nuanced, real-time sound modulation during note playback. Though overlooked by many producers and musicians, integrating Aftertouch into your workflow unlocks dynamic sonic capabilities that can greatly enhance the emotion and realism of virtual instrument performances, to make it sound like a real acoustic instrument. Aftertouch … Read more